About us

We are a mid-size full service law office based in Brno and together with our branch in Prague we provide a broad range of services in all areas of law. Our clients include large corporations, both domestic and international, as well as many small businesses and individuals. We believe that in order to provide high quality legal services in a dynamic legal environment we have to avail ourselves of the experience in various branches of law, including tax matters etc.

We proudly serve our clients mostly in the following areas of law:

Business Law - from reviewing all kinds of commercial agreements to mergers & acquisitions;
Corporate Law - all matters related to business corporations, including setting up new companies, enrolment in trade register, annual general meetings, corporate changes (mergers, divisions, changes of legal form);
Insolvency Law - representation of clients at insolvency proceedings, submitting claims, preparation of reorganisation;
Public Tenders - representation at bid preparation, preparation of selection procedures, representation before the Office for the Protection of Competition;
Civil Law - processing and assessment of civil-law relations, conveyance of real estate, rights in rem, protection of personality;
Criminal Law - defence at preparatory proceedings, defence at trial by court, legal representation of aggrieved persons, analysis of business operations with respect to criminal law;
Labour Law - processing of contracts between employers and employees and other labour-law-related contracts, trade union law, settlement of labour relations;
Family Law - divorces, settlement of common property of spouses, changes of the extend of common property of spouses, adjustment to maintenance obligations between parents and children and between spouses;
Intellectual Property Law (especially trademarks and industrial designs) - national and international trademarks;
Litigations and other legal proceedings - permanent representation of clients in legal, arbitration, administrative and other proceedings;
Arbitrations - implementation of arbitration proceedings in the role of ad hoc arbitrators, decision making within the Arbitration Court attached to the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic

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